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Demo Day - Wonderful! Great Product!!
and more Kudos for the stunning
Swarvorski Crystals!!!
And now we will have them in stock!!!
You will love them like we do and enjoy
the fun projects too!

Here's Kyla! What a fantastic day...lots of audience
participation! We blinged sunglasses, cell phones and home
decor!!! Glad you were with us ...if not...enjoy the pics and
place an order!!! on website soon!

We'll all be here to have fun and enjoy time with our wonderful quilters!
Saturday,  April 22, 2017
10:00, 11:00, 12:30 and 1:30
Embellishments II more project ideas to enjoy creating
additions to your quilts and projects!!!

Refreshments too!
and always a FREE Gift!
Plan Lunch in Historic Downtown DeLand

Currently, kits are still available....for our Home Sweet Home Row By Row Experience
"American Mama"

June 21-September 6, 2016
Order kit online while they last!!!

2016 shop license license available now!
collect yours today! And coming soon! Here's
our 2017 License tag! In colors this year!

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