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How to Unfreeze a Sewing Machine

Sewing machines, even the most advanced ones, are prone to freezing. Knowing how to maintain the machine to reduce the frequency of this incident occurring will help keep it upbeat. However, the maintenance can reduce the risk but if the root cause is not resolved, rest assured that the problem will recur in the future.

It's essential to learn how to unfreeze a sewing machine to save time and...

How To Stitch in the Ditch

Stitching in the ditch is one of the techniques you need to master when learning how to make quilts. For starters, it's the process of stitching in a seam line to create hidden or invisible stitching. To achieve this goal, you need to use a thread whose color matches the fabric. If done correctly, the stitching line should not be visible from a distance.

Here is a guide on stitching in...

How to Thread a Necchi Sewing Machine

Necchi sewing machines are among the most popular and trusted machines. History has it that the company was started in 1919. Today, the company is known for supplying sewing enthusiasts with reliable and efficient sewing machines.

One of the sure ways of enhancing the performance of a Necchi sewing machine is by threading it to ensure it doesn't miss instructions. The threading...

Top Quilting Techniques and Style You Should Know

Quilting is one useful skill you can learn to make homemade quilts. It is not difficult to master this craft. All you need is to have the right mindset, learn and invest in the right equipment and fabric. You can find everything you need for quilting here, and below we have prepared an overview of various quilting techniques. After that, we will discuss the different styles of quilting and...

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